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Baked Bouquet

Backstory & Goals

Started a new concept in the edible gift industry.
Major competitors included some industry giants such as Edible arrangements and 1-800 flowers
Business was incredibly slow at first, however after speaking with individuals they absolutely loved the idea – Flower bouquets made of cupcakes.


Reliant on the pop up stores for adequate sales.

Viral hype died off quick and was not sustainable

One day a video explaining the concept behind the gift went viral. Millions of views online with tons of orders coming in. HOWEVER, The spark died off within 2 weeks and business died down to a halt just as it was before the viral spike.

"Customers don't understand that these bouquets are actually cupcakes!"


Using our D4 framework we built an ad funnel with tailored messaging across the customer journey to maximize conversions.

Education/hype → education/use cases → promotions etc.

Instituted capacity management processes through building an operations dashboard that allows for rapid operational decisions.

Projected holiday sales in combination with operational limits to inform hiring, inventory purchasing and to minimize food waste.


Made the business
more sustainable by
reducing waste.

Skyrocket growth by
increasing sales while
simultaneously improving
operational efficiency.

Aquired over


new customers

Going From Viral Sensation to Sustainable Sales

Took advantage of viral content in combination with rapid testing to skyrocket growth
The small business had to evolve in order to be able to handle such a rapid increase in volume. Using our dashboards they were able to re-organize quickly and supply that demand
A second location quickly sprouted from the success of the first.

Scaling Revenue Through Data-Driven Insights

Despite having physical locations, the business thrived
by its online traffic. After discovering a winning campaign
combination, we were able to replicate success in new
locations. Rapid testing continued which allowed us
pivot strategies as the market changed.


What Our Clients are Saying...


...where do I start

…when we started with PUSH Analytics, we had a decent little clothing business that mostly just did some Facebook ads.
Basically, they grew our business 3X per year, two years running. And we’re not done. It keeps getting better, month after month.

We’re at a point where we just gave them total control over our ad spend because we trust them so much. It’s weird.

You also get updates every single day, and those are easy to read. Love it. Work with them if you can, I’m not sure it could get any better than this.”