Veiled Collection

Backstory & Goals

Started off as a
husband and wife business.

Relying on pop up store events to get enough sales to sustain the business.

Company wanted to stop
relying on in person pop up
stores, wanted to scale
growth a little bit more.

Increase in website traffic, brand engagement, ROAS.


Reliant on the pop up stores for adequate sales.

Yet at the same time they both want to overcome this and deliver GROWTH at the same time

Unable to continue with pop up stores so sales will DROP.

Had done Facebook Ads but found hard to scale

Product is hard to target on Facebook.

Low search volume on Google.


Used our D4 framework to rapidly test a plethora of audience-content-ad type, combinations and narrow in on what works and what doesn’t.

Leveraged data to see performance at a daily level

Added Google Shopping as a sales channel

Added Google Ads as a secondary channel and narrowed in on keyword targets on Google Ads that synergize with our Facebook Ads targeting to deliver a strong omnichannel presence and turn Google Ads into a strong performing channel.


Diversified their
sales channels so
that it is not reliant
on in person.

Transformed the business
from a small popup to a
known brand in its niche with
an intenational presence.

Aquired over


new customers

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Rapid traffic growth and brand awareness

Veiled’s ideal audience was very unique and difficult to target on social media and their major keywords had low search volume on Google making traffic extremely difficult and expensive to generate. Through extreme audience testing and daily iteration we were able to narrow the audience down to a nearly perfect match. We have even caused national search volumes for keywords to increase when we have major promotions.

Rapid record breaking year over year consistent growth

After initial testing we zeroed in on a working strategy and began to scale spend and as a result, revenue. Our strategy was incredibly effective that scaling became inhibited by inventory issues. We were simply selling much faster than we could restock even as their restock orders got larger and larger and larger, we would still sell out.
This rapid growth attracted significant interest and outside cash flow sources. They were eventually able to order gargantuan inventory quantities and allowed us to scale with no bottleneck. Even with the limiters being lifted we continue to oversee rapid growth with no signs of it slowing down.

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What Our Clients are Saying...


...where do I start

…when we started with PUSH Analytics, we had a decent little clothing business that mostly just did some Facebook ads.
Basically, they grew our business 3X per year, two years running. And we’re not done. It keeps getting better, month after month.
We’re at a point where we just gave them total control over our ad spend because we trust them so much. It’s weird.
You also get updates every single day, and those are easy to read. Love it. Work with them if you can, I’m not sure it could get any better than this.”