What Are The True Benefits of Shopify Plus?

What Are The True Benefits of Shopify Plus?

What Are The True Benefits of Shopify Plus?

What Are The True Benefits of Shopify Plus? | April 1, 2022

To accommodate the variety of businesses that use its platform, Shopify provides its customers with a number of different plan options.

The most advanced of these plans is Shopify Plus

This solution is designed to meet the needs of the ecommerce platform’s biggest customers, which includes major brands like Nestle, Red Bull, Leesa, and Tesla Motors.

While Shopify Plus is a good fit for high volume stores, small business owners likely won’t be able to afford its cost. For SMBs, Shopify has plans available at a much lower price point.

Shopify Plan Pricing

To compare Shopify vs. Shopify Plus pricing, let’s first review the prices of the three standard Shopify plans:

  • Basic Shopify: This is the lowest plan available, and it provides all the basics for starting a new business. At just $29/month, it’s the ideal starter plan for those launching a new ecommerce store for the first time on a small scale.
  • Shopify: This is the plan used by most small to mid-sized retailers who are starting their first online store (or moving to Shopify). It costs only $79/month. This plan includes all the basics along with features that a new, growing business needs to continue to scale.
  • Advanced Shopify: It’s a bit of a jump to the $299/month price for Advanced Shopify, but this is an ideal choice for merchants who are interested in cutting-edge ecommerce features.

And then there’s Shopify Plus, which starts at $2,000/month. Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level solution built for high-volume merchants that need more features, better performance and more control over their online stores.

Shopify Plus Advantages

As mentioned above, there’s a big jump in price from the first two Shopify plans to Advanced Shopify — and the gap from Advanced Shopify to Shopify Plus is even greater.

But when you look at what Shopify Plus has to offer, this solution is clearly well worth the cost for large online stores. Below, we’ll detail exactly what Shopify Plus can do for you.

Shopify Plus Benefits: What You Get with Shopify Plus

Upgrading to Shopify Plus will provide you with access to exclusive features, of course. Furthermore, it allows you to gain much more control over the general appearance and functionality of your store.

Here are some of the most important features included with Shopify Plus:

Custom Checkout Page

What makes platforms like Shopify so popular is the ease-of-use. The entire shopping cart and store has already been coded and designed. To open a store, the user only needs to customize their settings, apply a theme that fits their brand, populate the products and content, and launch.

There are also many ways to customize your store — with some limits. While Shopify does allow for a range of visual customizations in the checkout, standard Shopify users are not able to customize the functionality of the checkout page itself.

But for Shopify Plus merchants, the default two-page checkout can be fully customized, allowing merchants to alter the checkout into a single page checkout, three-page checkout or any other variation. This is a great way to create a fully-branded checkout experience and use A/B testing to maximize the conversion rate of your online store.


The Launchpad tool allows you to easily set up and track automated events such as flash sales and product launches. Through the app, a Shopify Plus merchant can schedule things like a limited-time sale with correlating price changes at the start date and end date of the event.

You can even trigger automatic theme changes during events (great for seasonal website design changes), enable reCaptcha during a sale to limit bot use, push products out to specific sales channels and trigger specific scripts to run.

There’s also a real-time analytics dashboard for tracking the performance of your events.

Script Editor Access

Shopify Plus takes customization to the next level by giving script editor access to its users.

While normal customization for Shopify stores is typically done with third-party apps, the Script Editor allows merchants to develop and write scripts that are hosted and run by Shopify. That way, you can create your own customized business logic to enhance the checkout and shopping experience. This is ideal if you need specific functionality but can’t quite find an app that does what you need.

Specifically, you can create functionality for items like:

  • Percentage-based discounts
  • Product bundles and product combination offers
  • Tiered pricing applicable to VIP customers or other segments
  • Blocked promotional codes during specific events
  • Dynamic pricing for volume-based price breaks
Higher API Call Limits

In simple terms, an API call occurs whenever an app takes an action, typically as a result of an interaction between a visitor and your store. Shopify limits the number of API calls that can be made per second in order to help manage its server load.

For Shopify Plus merchants, who are typically scaling up to much higher traffic volumes than standard Shopify users, the cap on API calls is doubled.

Access to Wholesale Management

In 2017, Shopify created a new wholesale platform available via Shopify Plus. It gives merchants the ability to run a separate wholesale site from their existing Shopify account.

Mobile Store Builder

Creating a Mobile optimized experience is an absolute must these days, as mobile devices have been a more popular way to browse the internet than desktops since 2016. Search engines like Google even judge how mobile friendly a website is in SEO results. 

Load times and site speed on mobile can also impact customer conversion rates.

The Mobile Store Builder allows Shopify Plus merchants to create native iOS and Android apps without having any technical knowledge or coding experience. The platform is powered by a template system not unlike the theme system used for Shopify store customization. This allows merchants to easily create high-performing mobile store apps using customizable themes.

Access to Shopify Flow

It’s difficult to keep up with all the little tasks that accumulate when your store grows dramatically. Managing individual changes to things like customer status becomes incredibly time-consuming when you’re dealing with tens of thousands of customers.

Flow is an automation tool for Shopify Plus merchants that allows you to create and manage automated workflows for scenarios just like that, and it’s all done without the cost of hiring a developer.

You can create a range of different workflows, such as:

  • Adjusting product tags based on inventory levels and purchase behaviors
  • Creating a triggered action when a high risk order is detected
  • Adding customer tags when customer value increases to track loyalty
  • Republishing products when inventory is back in stock
  • Sending personalized notifications to customers based on specific order/account behaviors

Flow provides the agility that a growing ecommerce enterprise needs to continue to scale while staying productive and managing overhead.

Also, Shopify Plus has recently released pre-built templates that make it easier for you to set up your automated workflows. There are even templates designed specifically for helping your store deal with the COVID pandemic. 

Page Activity

As another way to assist merchants during COVID-19, Shopify Plus has released a new feature for remote collaboration. Now, you can see whenever someone is editing the same product page as you — and whenever someone saves changes to a product page, anyone else who has that page open will be notified. This will help you avoid losing any work when you’re updating your store.

Store Cloning

Shopify Plus merchants gain the benefit of being able to clone their store up to nine times without paying for additional plans. It’s a great way for merchants who do business in other countries to support multiple languages.

Making the Move to Shopify Plus

For all these reasons, it’s worth looking into upgrading your store to Shopify Plus. The added functionality will give you more options and help you efficiently manage your growing operation.

Best of luck as you scale your business!

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